Additional options
and types


Striking interplay of lines in the curve. The stainless steel edge stays visible. Even easier to maintain. Extremely strong thanks to the curved shape.


The waterline is 5 cm below the edge, reducing splashing.


Endless possibilities in customisation.


Stunning mirror effect, with the water disappearing into a 15mm opening.


The water runs like a waterfall to a lower collector point with a grille or stones, perfect for beautiful landscapes.


Silvercube is a permit-free stainless steel pool with a bubble bench, swim stream, roller shutter, and automated filter and disinfection systems. It redefines plug-and-play pools, offering new possibilities and is perfect for those seeking a compact, carefree, and luxurious pool.


The Silvertub is more than just a hot tub; it’s an experience tailored to your unique taste and needs. Discover the luxury of customisation with the Silvertub!


The unique blend of stainless steel and stone creates a stunning aesthetic appeal, offering you the benefits of both materials.


Stainless steel jacuzzis are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, both built-in and freestanding, and can even be equipped with an overflow system. Your jacuzzi is designed and crafted to unparalleled quality.

Under water terrace niche

A comfortable relaxation area just below the water level. The niche of the roller shutter is  positioned underneath this plage.

Steps – floating corner

Steps out of the corner of the pool, floating in front.

Rear niche

The roller shutter niche is positioned at the rear of the pool, to maximise the swimming area.

Steps – floating straight

Floating steps from the walls of the pool, buoyed by the water.

Swim stream

Swim endlessly against a self-set current.

Steps – open right

Steps with open sides, folded in one piece and resting on the pool floor, creates a sleek interplay of lines.

Bubble bench

A custom-made bench with bubble and/or massage jets. The bubble bench operates without the pump/blower.

Steps – closed right

Steps with closed sides, folded in one piece and resting on the pool floor.

Steps – full width

Folded in one piece between the two sidewalls, resting on the floor.