Custom-made, sustainable and timeless

A stainless steel pool offers a perfect balance between aesthetics and ease of use. Explore the benefits of stainless steel here.

Sustainable and exceptionally strong material

Stainless steel is sustainable, 100% recyclable material that will last for many generations. It is resistant to corrosion, rust, and other chemicals, making it highly maintenance-friendly. Additionally, stainless steel is completely resistant to the harmful effects of UV light, ensuring that your pool maintains its original appearance for a long time, without fading or discoloration.

Low energy consumption

Choose a stainless steel pool for cost-effective benefits all year round. Save on maintenance, heating, and chemical expenses. Benefit from reduced energy costs as the water heats up quickly due to sunlight reflection, and insulation around the pool retains this warmth efficiently.

Discover the hygienic superiority of a stainless steel pool with minimal maintenance. The smooth surface effectively prevents algae and microorganisms, ensuring crystal-clear water and reducing the need for extra chemicals like chlorine. Say goodbye to chlorine odour, taste concerns, and skin irritations. Dive into a refreshing and hassle-free pool experience with stainless steel.


Customize your stainless steel pool effortlessly with Poolinox! From shape to additional features, our extensive customisation options empower you to design a pool that perfectly aligns with your preferences and space constraints.