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Can stainless steel rust?

Often, this concerns external contamination from iron-containing particles that end up in the pool, such as grinding dust or nails/screws. In such cases, it usually suffices to clean with a scouring pad (Scotch-Brite) or treat with phosphor.

Preventive cleaning at the time of corrosion detection is always the first step. The rusting does not affect the stainless steel itself but rather the particles present on the stainless steel.

Is a stainless-steel pool expensive?

No… It involves a higher “initial” cost. However, thanks to its excellent thermal properties, you quickly save on heating costs. Moreover, there are much fewer maintenance expenses, requiring less budget for pool chemicals. After 15 to 20 years, you also don’t need to renovate or replace your pool.

While you might pay more initially, in the long run, a stainless-steel pool proves to be a worthwhile investment.


Does a stainless-steel pool suit every architectural style?

The material adapts like a chameleon and seamlessly integrates with every architectural style. The sunlight reflecting on the walls and bottom of a stainless steel (inox) pool creates a breathtaking play of light and colors. The reflections vary from azure blue and turquoise to steel gray, depending on the environmental conditions.

Can stainless steel pools be customized?

Yes, Poolinox offers tailor-made solutions to meet specific customer preferences and requirements, including unique designs and dimensions.

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